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7/16-segment LED display module

The FBs-7SG is a 7/16-segment LED display module with only 4cm width. The embedded I/O ASIC chips will automatically conduct the multiplexing scan display of two sets of 8 digits (a total of 16 digits) 7-segment LED display or 8 sets of 16-segment LED display without occuping CPU time. The multiplexing scan time is 10ms. Furthermore, because of multiplexing scan, each set of 8 digits (64bit LED) only requires the 16pins ribbon cables for connection. Three different driving voltages and three voltage fi ne tuning are available in this module, which are capable of driving most of existing 7-segment LED displays of which the driving voltage is various. The installation distance of display can even reach up to one hundred meters. FATEK also provides 4(.56”, .8”, 2.3”, and 4.0”) 7-segment LED display boards and 2(.8”, 2.3”) 16-segment alphanumeric LED display for the choice of users.

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