About Us

Rosehill Electronics are the UK exclusive distributor for the Fatek Automation Corporation’s line of control system hardware. Owned by a Chartered Electrical Engineer with many years of experience in industrial automation Rosehill are equipped to support Fatek products on any kind of equipment.  Fatek’s product range Includes PLC’s, communication modules, Digital and Analogue I/O, transducer interfaces and associated accessories and HMI.

On the site you can browse the available catalogue, including technical specifications and typical usage examples. You can order online or contact our office for telephone ordering, check stock availability and pricing. You can also find links to be able to browse and download support documentation, diagrams and datasheets for PLC engineer support.

Previously trading as Avanti Software Ltd providing Fatek PLC and support for over 10 years the name change to Rosehill Electronics coincides with an increase in the Fatek module stock and the increase in the company’s support capability.

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They are used in all mainstream control system applications such as heavy industry, materials handling, pharmaceutical and food industries. Extensively used in meat processing where the extensive add-on range of transducer interface modules provide a powerful control system at low cost. The Fatek FBs and B1/B1z PLC range has become the PLC of choice for Taiwanese and Chinese manufactured metal cutting, foil and web converting and Corrugated Board machinery.

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The Fatek line of products are of a high-quality, highly functional technology. They are at the cutting edge, state of the art technology, compact and powerful, reliable and durable, have an extensive product range and are well documented and supported. The range includes the fast and easy expandable FBs PLC, the economic and compact B1 & B1z PLC and the new P5 range of high graphic economical HMI.