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General-purpose PID control

The FBs-PLC provides a general purpose PID control function which compares the process variables read from analogue input (AI) with the pre-set values defined by the user the FBs PLC performs PID calculations according to the proportional band (P), integral constant (I) and derivative constant (D). An output control value is obtained from above execution and is controlled through the analogue output (AO) to control process within the range specified by user. This feature can be applied for smooth precise control such as flow, pressure and level control.

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High speed timers

The FBs-PLC has a special design 0.1mS time base high-speed timer that can provide a timer with 0.1mS resolution and real-time interrupt capability. Compared with other brands of PLC’s in this class that have a resolution of just 1mS including error in scan time, the FBs-PLC is more than 10 times as precise. The FBs-PLC can easily handle precision timing or speed detection applications. The FBs-PLC has one 16-bit 0.1mS high-speed timer and 4 sets of 32-bit 0.1mS high-speed timer.

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High speed counters

A FBs-PLC can have up to 8 sets of 32bits high-speed counter. Among which, 4 sets are hardware high-speed counter (HHSC) whose counting frequency can reach 120KHz (MC)or 920KHz (MN) and can operate with 8 counting modes. The other 4 sets are software high-speed counter (SHSC) whose total input frequency can reach 10KHz and can operate with three counting modes. The high-speed counters can be used in the applications required high-speed processing and precision control.