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Temperature measurement and PID control

The FBs-PLC provides a thermocouple temperature modules (for J,K,R,S,E,T,B,N thermocouples) as well as a RTD temperature module(for Pt-100 and Pt-1000 RTD). Thermocouples are suitable for the measurement of large temperature  ranges such as a boiler process. RTD’s are good for the measurement of low temperature, smaller ranges of temperature and higher resolution such as refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Due to the characteristics of temperature control, adopting multiplexing scan measurement and multiple loop PID control make a single FBs-PLC capable of performing up to 32 loops of PID temperature control. With the convenient instruction of temperature measurement and temperature PID control in the ladder program development software signifi cantly reduce the diffi culty, cost and time of developing and testing monitoring and control programs.