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Connection with intelligent peripherals

The five communication ports in FBs-PLC can simultaneously connect to various intelligent peripherals with available interfaces such as USB, RS232, RS485, and Ethernet. Besides adopting FATEK standard communication protocol or Modbus protocol, or conducting c ommunication through the FATEK communication server, the user also can use CLINK commands to defi ne the dedicated protocol to actively or passively establish the connection with any intelligent peripherals.

High-speed CPU link

Port 2 with an optional RS485 interface can be used as the high-speed LINK between up to 254 FATEK PLC units, accomplished with merely one CLINK command at the main station. The communication speed can be up to 921.6Kbps, which is suitable for distributed real time control on multiple PLC units. (Exchange of data in the high-speed common data link areas is exchanged across the network using real-time update.)

General CPU link

The RS485 interface in any of ports 1~4 can link up to 254 FATEK PLC units, accomplished with merely one CLINK command in the master FBs PLC. It is suitable for distributed data collection and application of non-real time control. (Any data in the master link table can be exchanged across the network using non real time update.)

MODEM for remote communication

Through a MODEM, various functions such as remote program modifi cation, control, diagnosis and monitoring can be performed.

CPU link through MODEM

Through the ladder diagram program, the FBs-PLC can control the MODEM to dial automatically to link with remote MODEM’ s and PLC’s without the intervention of an operator or computer. With this function, the headquarters of company can connect to branch factories automatically to perform the data collection, data monitoring, alarm logging and remote monitoring of the PLC program for fault fi nding.

Calling through pager or mobile phone

In critical or breakdown situations or before an operator becomes aware of a situation, the PLC program can detect and call to alert maintenance personnel or security personnel. This feature is especially suitable for fi re alarms and other applications requiring high security.․․

The RS485 REPEATER or HUB can be applied in long distance or special topological routing

Use the REPEATER or HUB of the RS485 interface to meet the variety of wiring topology demands (such as Bus or Star structure) and to extent the network distance.